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There are several ways that you may contact me, that I will post here. I am on the Internet almost all the time, so reaching me via online methods is easier than other ways. Also, I have recently acquired a smartphone and tablet, which means that I can get online from almost anywhere. I don’t mind unsolicited contact that is not spam, just please be ready to explain who you are and how you found me!


The most straightforward way to reach me is by e-mail. To avoid spam, I am not putting my e-mail address here. Please contact me through this contact form, and it will be sent to my e-mail inbox. I am generally fairly prompt about returning e-mails.

Please drop me a line!

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Social Networks

Social Networks are becoming the most common way to reach people. The ones that I list here are ones that I am logged into almost all the time, and which I use most often (please click on each graphic to go to my page on each network):






My Galleries

Image galleries that we share online are also a part of our Internet presence these days. Here are mine:

Google Picasa



My Instagram Gallery

You may also use the reply form below to contact me. I also use instant messaging (IM) and Internet Telephony (VOIP) clients, as well as the virtual reality world Second Life. Once we are in contact with each other and somewhat acquainted, I can give you my handles for these as well.

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